A Report on Guest Lecture held on 25th July 2020

Mr.Vinod Kumar, speaker for this session has about a decades experience in finance sector. He is expert in Treasury, Debt and Financing, ALM Management, RBI and SEBI compliance. Currently he is working with Kotak Mahindra Investment Ltd.

Session begun at scheduled time and got very good response from students. More than 95 students attended the lecture.

He explained about Bill Discounting, Short Term and Long -Term Bonds, Inter Corporate Depositories (ICDs), Daily Overdrafts and others. He explained each concept with suitable examples. He also talked about 7 days working capital by Cash Credit and Intraday Transactions.

He clarified Commercial Paper in detail. Security is required for Commercial Paper. He also elaborated the reasons as well. He compared between Capital Market and Banks. He described in detail about CRR, SLR, Priority Sector Lending and Mutual Fund.

He termed about Preference Shares, Debentures, Project Finance with real time example of Jio. He talked about disadvantages of domestic market. He expounded the difference between Bond, OCDs, ZCB and major instruments for banks loan market and capital market.

He also elaborated the role of Finance Manager. What can be studied for getting cheaper funds. While explaining Bonds in detail he discussed IIFL case.

He illustrated about treasury and explained why US treasury is cheaper. He discussed about Hedging, Deep Discount Bonds, Credit Rating, Spread, Sovereign funds, Perpetuity, Equity.

He discussed about Micro Finance and quoted examples of gold - based loans, specific end use categories and speculative activities. He added about restrictions on related party transactions, Project Finance, and other points to make the concepts very clear.

The session was interactive as students asked many questions on related topics. This was wonderful learning opportunity for students.

Ms.Deep Joshi proposed vote of thanks after the session.