A Career in Optometry For Science Students

Optometry is a healthcare profession to measure eyesight and diagnose various eye conditions. The job entails treating eye disorders and prescribing lenses to cure the issue. Not many are aware of how the word “optometry” came into existence. However, the name is a blend of two words from the Greek literature, “ Optos” meaning eyes while “metria” is known as measurement. 

Know Roles & Responsibilities of an Optometry Professional

A BSc Optometry could help you attain various job opportunities in the field of allied health sciences. The position consists of vivid responsibilities and roles such as the opportunity to work with the common public, to conduct various eye examinations or to treat a particular eye condition. Optometrists can also be a part of the laboratory research to discover better medication for an existing eye condition or a new one.

If you think you have the potential to bloom as an optometrist then go ahead and own a BSc degree to inculcate the right skills up your sleeves. And get a chance to be recognized as an Optometrist, worldwide.

Eligibility Criteria & Course Duration Required for an Optometry Degree

To be termed as an eye care professional, you must first pursue a BSc in the respective field from a reputed institute of allied health sciences.

Rest of the details regarding the course go as follows:

  • Course Duration - The program is for a tenure of 4 years inclusive of 1 year of integrated clinical training that will aid you first-hand experience before you officially step into the field of allied health sciences.
  • Eligibility Criteria - The candidate should have passed the 12th grade with an aggregate of 40% marks (35% marks for the reserved category) in physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • And lastly, they must pass the desired entrance examination set by the college.

Usually, a candidate that looks forward to becoming an eye care specialist must possess confidence in themselves, own a precision to detail, be patient by nature, know the knack to foster care, and should be truly passionate about taking up a career in allied health sciences.

Career Opportunities for an Optometrist

Speaking of the scope in this field, a BSc Optometry can open up doors to endless possibilities and career opportunities in allied health sciences. You would be part of a dynamic career that would enrich personal and professional growth. Especially in a country like India which is known to be the 2nd most populated county in the world, the number of optometrists is low as compared to the people suffering an eye condition. Which increases the demand for optometrists to grow in the years to come. 

The field comes in with a vivid range of job prospects, such as you could own an eye clinic of your own, work as an optician at an eye care store, seek a job at an organization or business that creates eye care products. You can also be working at a hospital or at a factory as a consultant that advises the right combination of medics to create an eye care tonic. 

An add-on benefit is that this profession would grant you a secure career with extremely high-income earnings. All you need is an intense amount of passion and persistence to gain a successful career.