#12 expert talk series 2019-2020

A glimpse into the IT & ITES sectors in the COVID times

On 13-06-2020, the department of Marketing, ITM Business School arranged for a virtual expert talk session for its Marketing Students. The expert, Ms. Saloni Sharma, an Alumnus of ITM Business School spoke vividly on the possible impact of the COVID19 pandemic on the IT & ITES sector.

The talk began with an interactive discussion on the global Pandemic and how it restricted the entire world inside four walls. The role of the internet in saving businesses by shifting their focus online was well explained. A unique perspective of the entire lockdown situation was revealed to the students from an insider’s perspective.  She elucidated on how the situation could channel opportunities and help remove barriers amongst the students and recruiters.

The talk ended on a positive note where the speaker shared her personal story of her first corporate job and encouraged the students to focus on their passion, perform the SWOT of their dream companies, define their goals, and start researching about them. She concluded saying that the future managers needed to pitch problems to the companies that they could help them solve. Lastly, the talk ended with a question and answer phase where the realistic questions were handled reasonably well by the speaker.