Navratri in the West at its Best!
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While Navratri is all set to rock from tomorrow we bring to you the glimpses of beautiful festival celebrated across varied styles in different parts of India …

Lavani to Malvan dhol to typical Rajasthani folk dance…there is no stone kept

unturned when it comes to Dandiya celebrations in western part of India.

In Goa, Navratri is a happy festival after the withdrawal of monsoons. Goddess is worshiped as Shantadurga, Bhagvati etc. In traditional homes, a vessel with water is kept for worship. Ladies and girls move around and dance in

colorful dresses.

Maharashtra worships Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. All temples are thronged by devotees during this time. ‘Suvasinis‘ or newly married women perform special pujas. Women undertake fast, invite each other for ‘Haldi-Kumkum‘.
It is very enchanting and fascinating nine days of celebration in Gujarat and Rajasthan with Dandiya and Garba Raas and worship of Goddess ‘Ambe Maa‘.

Tho the differences in the language, worship or the tradition the entire Western Region has one factor in common Lights – Music – Fun and Good Food. Festivity embraces everyone and invites all

to be a part of the 9 Day Celebration of Color and Music.

On a major scale your will find sports fields, community halls and other place decorated with high contrast colors and lightings that fill the ambiance with a festive mood. Men, women and children dress in most colorful and eye catching traditional dresses and dance around the idol or picture of goddess kept at center and lighted by lamp. People dance

with the dandiya sticks or do the Garbha style depending to the tune and beats and the rhythm of drums and cymbals till they are engulfed by fatigue and enjoyment.

Nine Days of Fun – Worship and Colors does end with a life long effect on ones heart and mind!