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Melange – the brainchild of Talewind, is a gala event organized at ITM Kharghar at the inception of each year. The diverse student strength at ITM ranging from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Kutch to Arunachal Pradesh, brings in a medley of diverse cultures, rituals and myriad ethnicities. The ice breaking event, Melange, spanned over 10 days brings in all the students belonging to diverse backgrounds together for the specific event.

The theme is changed every year and for the year 19-20, the theme centered around Cosmopolitan Montage- The Lands of the World. Each batch represented a land across the globe wherein they highlighted the country’s culture, ethnicity, government policies, cuisine, lifestyle, dress code so on and so forth. The event was designed to enforce the concepts of cross-cultural awareness, cultural acceptance, teamwork and problem-solving ability within the students. This ice breaking event kickstarts the year to help inculcate a sense of healthy competitive spirit amongst the batches, that eventually aids in subsequent talent that the college prides in hosting.

Within a matter of few days students had gone out of their way and challenged their capabilities. The parameters for evaluation included online promotions, offline promotions, micro presentation and the cultural event- the grand finale. Students showcased their talent, teamwork and creativity through innovative and out of the box ideas.

The grand finale was a huge event where the entire ITM family got a glimpse of the beautiful culture that each land holds through musical drama, fashion show, dance etc. The event turned out to be a huge success both literally and figuratively since we could see the newly developed bond between our students.

Our students realized that where there is unity, there is always victory!