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“Cultural differences do not separate us from each other; rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity.”

Adopting the above statement, ‘Melange’ is designed to enforce the concepts of cross-cultural awareness, cultural acceptance, team-work and problem-solving ability. This ice-breaking event that kickstarts the year helps inculcate a sense healthy competitive spirit amongst the batches, that eventually aids in subsequent events that the college prides in hosting.

“Melange 3.0: The Cultural Mosaic” saw each batch representing a country/nation/capital across the globe, renowned for one of its main area of specialization. Besides the predominant factor, the batches highlighted the nation’s culture, ethnicity, government policies, so on and so forth.

19th June – 29th June – Saw a series of activities, presentations and promotional events sewn around first mega event – Melange. The students managed to get sponsorships worth a staggering 12000 in cash and 2.5 Lakh in kind from sponsors like Zomato, ION and AP Logistics!! It was a delight every day to see around 100 students running around campus corridors, getting drenched at 7:30 in the evening, but not a care in the world; only bothered to save the Flag of their batch from flying away. Melange fever had just begun
30th June’18 – Came the finale – The icing on the cake for the students of PGDM 18-20. An entire day dedicated to witnessing the power-packed performances by all 13 batches. All putting their best feet forward! There may have been only 1 winner, but for the students, unparalleled bonds and timeless memories were created that day.
The finale of the event also witnessed some Bollywood and TV glamour with the director of famous Yash Chaudhri, Director Aashu Chhabra – internationally acclaimed short movie director who had graced the occasion as chief guests.
However, the best part was presence of about 40 kids from NGOs – Anmol Foundation and Arphen foundation – along with their Co-founder Rajashree Nayak. Their smiles and impromptu performances made the event ecstatic!