MBA Vs. PGDM – Are You Making the Right Career Decision?
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We know many people are in a big dilemma, while it comes about knowing the major difference between the MBA and the PGDM degree program. The confusion gets more enhanced because of an ambiguous offering by the top business schools in India To help you to understand the primary difference between MBA & PGDM, what’s its significance and how will they impact the career; this blog will help you out.

Difference between MBA & PGDM Degree Program
As per Indian law, a University can only offer degrees like BBA, MBA, B.Tech and B.E. So, any educational institution that isn’t affiliated to any University can’t offer such degree. Thus, institutes that are autonomous bodies as well as run independently, can’t provide an MBA degree and thus offer PGDM or PGP.

PGDM means Post Graduate Diploma Management, whereas PGP is the Post Graduate Program. The confusion begins when you see a term Diploma. Definitely, it is a Diploma & not any degree in the technical terms. But, the primary reason why the postgraduate programs are called PGDM because that when the Institute is the autonomous body (means not affiliated to University) or conducts the management courses, such Institutes will not provide MBA degree.

Despite providing PGDM and PGP, the autonomous colleges have got their benefits
The autonomous institutes can design their curriculum and upgrade it often in place of following the outdated University syllabus. The reason for the university syllabus getting outdated sometimes is it changes just once in three to five years that certainly is the deterrent in the Management arena, where industry & technology is changing rapidly.

Whereas one might say that the PGDM programs are Industry relevant, updated when compared to the MBA programs; but some University MBA Programmes actually have earned the huge brand values.