Master Of Business Administration Program – Manage It the Better Way
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4 June 2019 - 12:51, by , in EEC, Comments off

There are some lessons that the students will learn from their master of business administration programs and it includes clarity of purpose, accountability, thorough research, as well as goal-orientation. Ideally, all these lessons should guide the management institutes to run their MBA courses. Unfortunately, lots of master of business administration courses lack all these features.

So, here are some ways where business schools can manage the MBA programs in a better way:

Shift their focus
The courses like executive MBA programs are well known for in-depth learning about the business world they provide. But, the excessive focus on the economic theory & concepts won’t prepare the students to deal with the problems they may face daily in their work. Besides ensuring that the teaching faculty has relevant teaching knowledge, MBA institutes should design their programs, which will focus on the practical application. For instance, the students of 1-year master of business administration can be taken on educational visits to the industries who are running in the nearby area.

Have an interdisciplinary approach
The master of business administration programs will impart leadership & team-building abilities. But, graduates and employers have noted that a few problems that they face in work aren’t business-related. So, by including the modules on subjects like history and psychology in their curriculum, the MBA graduates can be well prepared to offer solutions to the issues that will make them feel totally out of the depth. Inclusion of certain subjects that are related to society and environment can inculcate the sense of integrity about the students, and also encouraging them in making the decisions, which are environmentally sustainable & beneficial to the society.

Bring organizational changes
Master of business administration program must not be linked to other under-graduate or post-graduate programs so that it also has a distinct identity & there is not any dilution of an attempt on part of their faculty. Relationship between the professors and the students should be completely open for any kind of interaction. Whereas 2-year programs will give a lot of time for the exchange of learning and ideas, the faculty members should try to extend this similar treatment to students who are pursuing an MBA in 1-year.