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Date: On 30th and 31st August 2019.

From 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Trainer/Speaker: Toshan Patil (Co-founder of Meraki Sports and entertainment)

Audience: 70 students (PGDM 19-21)

SPORTS MARKETING WORKSHOP was an eye opener session for students to know what sports marketing is all about.

“Sport is emotional. It has the power to change the world, inspire people and unite people” remarked Toshan Patil. BA Hons in Business and Management from University of Exeter Mr. Toshan is a part of the brand solution team Procam International. Toshan Patil inspired students to find new things related to sports marketing strategies they were passionate about and make their chosen careers more than just a job.

How sports marketing worked and the trends in sports marketing was answered and discussed by Toshan Patil. He also revealed the information as to how Meraki got established and with the help of which two colleagues they got inclined towards this company. This inclination was basically due to crazy crowd for cricket in India and this turned into a reason to establish Meraki because crowd can give inclination in other sports as well.

“They do not represent facts but stories”, remarked Toshan Patil with examples. Meraki works with brands and constructs sports strategy to effectively leverage sports to connect with their consumers. Meraki was first to represent Amateur Athlete stories such as Nihad Panju, Harsh Pandya, etc.

Toshan explained how brands advertise its product and services through traditional marketing plans and modern marketing strategies. Brand is equal to ownership, later Brand is equal to guarantee and finally Brand is unchanging idea, defined Toshan. To vividly share his knowledge and make understandings of concepts easier, he displayed videos to add to above.

First day was concluded by discussing points such as value match that included brand visibility, press release, content bank, product integration, employee engagement, community impact etc. Everything is not all about logos as they talk to fans and not to consumers. Importance of regional languages was described by Mr. Toshan. Problem areas in sports marketing were brands not known, uncertain product quality and low marketing budgets which gave solutions such as elite or spectator sports, if it works for them it can work for others too that are related to product quality and. The most important element of this is to convey authenticity so that clients trust your brand.

On the second day of workshop Toshan expressed his joy of meeting us. He summarized the activities that took place and reasons as to why and how it is very important and the reason behind every decision that plays a vital role in sports marketing strategy. He made chits of some brands and made groups of students and asked them to pick one chit and work on the brand mentioned on the chit. This was all done in the first half and in the second half students presented various presentations and winners were announced. The winner was appreciated for their hard work, by receiving a ball signed by a celebrity. It was truly a remarkable day to remember.