MARK E DEMICS Workshop Series – Department of Marketing, ITM Kharghar Ecommerce and Website Designing
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Date: 30th and 31st August 2019
Venue: ITM group of Institutions, Kharghar
Time: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Name of Speakers & Company: Mr. Lalitkumar Prajapati and Mr. Omkar Aroskar, Director and Trainee Developer at Microlan Services Pvt. Ltd.
Audience: Students of PGDM Marketing Batch 2019-21

ITM group of Institutions, Kharghar, had organized a two-day workshop under the name Ecommerce and Website Designing starting from 30th August 2019, at 9:30 am to 4:30 pm till 31st August 2019, for its students. The workshop was conducted by the directors of Microlan IT Service Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Sachin Godage and Mr. LalitKumar Prajapati alongwith Mr. Omkar Aroskar, Trainee Developer at Microlan IT Services Pvt. Ltd. The audience comprised of 57 students from PGDM Marketing 2019-21 batch.

It was a full day workshop on developing website through WordPress. The day started with an introduction on ecommerce and discussion on its importance. Then the trainers helped students in installing software like XAMPP and WordPress. They also shared insights on different ways of installing this software. After which they informed about a certificate course for the same subject from NSDC (National Skills Development Corporation). After the installation of software was done, the students were asked to run few files by downloading and getting ready for website designing.

The day came to an end by finishing the installation process, the trainers even recalled all the activities that were done throughout the day so that students were not left with any doubts. Also, they asked students to come prepared for the next day by conducting the entire process again just so that students were clear with the procedure of installation and confident enough to run the processes without any hassle. The trainers were obliging and perpetually helping students during the installation process with great humility and calm. They made sure that everybody understood the process well and that everyone was perfectly done with the installation process.

The second day started with the continuation of the activities from the previous day. The audience strength was comparatively less than the previous day. The first half of the day was slowly moving forward with students copying few files from the pen drive that was shared by the trainers in order to ease the process of downloading files from the internet and moving forward with the development of home page of the website.

The agenda for the day was quite interesting than the previous day, as the trainers were teaching how to develop a home page for the website and how to add different elements on the home page and also they were discussing about the backend process that goes on after the customer places an order on any Ecommerce website. The trainers were constantly linking the teachings with the upcoming project for the students i.e. Business-Chaupal, which was of great interest to all student that were present in the class. The trainers started by introducing students to the home page of the website that was made a day before. And slowly, they began with the development of the home page. It was an interesting process as it had many fun elements like adding images for the background and deciding on different product category.

Similarly, the second half was again interesting and more interactive as the trainers started asking questions regarding the learnings that the students had gone through both the days, and they wanted to encourage students to participate and understand the concepts with more clarity by sharing their doubts and answering to the questions. Mr. Lalit, with his immense knowledge regarding ecommerce, began the second half by asking questions and involving students in the process of interaction. He shared what all goes at the backend and simultaneously helped the students in developing the website and understanding different features like publishing privacy policy, FAQs, checkout process, backend messages published for customers according to their respective order status that were crucial for any website to run successfully. On the other hand, Mr. Omkar showed practically how to run different functions like adding images to website to make website more interesting, adding different product categories and product description. They helped and guided us all through. They were always humble enough to help students.

The day was filled with extensive learning of ecommerce website development, backend process of orders that were received on any online platform, practicing same task repeatedly helped every student to get hands on experience and confidence for all the activities that were performed to run an ecommerce website.

The day came to an end with a big round of applause for the trainers, students felt the worth of attending the workshop and were happy with the trainers. Mr. Lalit finished by spreading the message across every student present in the class that it is important to become Self-independent and make your own path, he emphasized on becoming an entrepreneur and learning required skills. The knowledge that was imparted to students by both trainers was highly accepted and appreciated and both trainers and students ended the two-day workshop on a happy note. The learning experience that this workshop brought was valuable.