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The college festivals of ITM are always a bliss worth an experience not only because of its fine

tuned detailing but also beautiful

from ITM ‘ites towards conceptualization a Vibrant, Highly Energetic, spread of 2 – 3 Days of activity along with the Faculty.
With campuses across India. ITM ensures to bring each of the college entity,the youth under the same platform, enhance social interaction and facilitate exchange of cultural ideas and thoughts.The handwork and inputs are of course from the students & faculty to make the fest the best in the city !

Let’s take a look at the upcoming and most popular college festivals organized at

ITM Chennai.

‘Excellence in management’ – that is the prime objective of MANAQUEST. Bringing together talented young minds

who aim to attain great heights as potential future managers. This is a no-limits-barred competition among young brains each sharper than the other.

This national level management Meet slated for 12th December promises considerable excitement. It’s sure a battle. But there are no winners or losers Cos having theMANAQUEST experience, everyone returns a winner!

Events at Manaquest – LIME LIGHTERS (Ad zap), SMOKIE BRAINZ (Quiz),THE CHAMELEON (Block & Tackle), BIDDING BONANZA (IPL Auction), COLOQUIO (Paper Presentation), DALAL BULL (Stock Wars), STREET RAGE (Management play), ONE MAN SHOW (Best Manager).

All this is packed with enormous

amount of Zing and Enthusiasm and welcomeness to Participate.

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