Making case studies with post graduate diploma courses in management
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Case studies are an important tool for higher learning and most of us are clueless about how to make them. Many colleges and universities today have adopted the method of case studies to make learning an interesting process. The issues and problems that companies face and can be studied in the classroom for understanding business concepts are case studies and these are important as you may face the same situation or a similar situation while working in a corporate firm.

Students of post graduate diploma courses in management are usually asked to create case studies. Case studies are built on temporary circumstances and situations wherein you would have to draw conclusions after conducting the required research and make predictions based on the conclusions. Post graduate diploma college in India extends you facility to prepare you about formulating case studies and you would be given assignments. The topic for the case study may be given to you or you may have to research on your own based on the specialization you have chosen.

How to write case studies with post graduate diploma courses?

There are standards that a student must meet in order to make a case study for their assignment. The structure and format of the case studies may vary from topic to topic however there are set standards which would remain the same when you enrol for post graduate courses college worldwide. Here are some of the common patterns for that are followed while preparing case studies:

  • Title and biography: An original title for the case study is very important, it should be relevant to the case study conducted by you therefore you should plan it well. After writing your title, you need to write about the biography of the company you are researching about.
  • Objective: Every case study is designed based on the learning objective. This can be related to developing skills, assessing the ability of the learner and increasing the knowledge of the learner.
  • Situation: Usually the case study is based on a narrative wherein the protagonist faces a certain situation and as per her decision the case study is created.
  • Conclusion: The deciding point of the case study is made by the writer wherein he takes the best solution of the situation however many people may have different opinions thus it would contribute to an interactive session in the classroom and also groom your analytical decision making.