Make your parents proud by funding your MBA, all on your own!
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Make your parents proud by funding your MBA, all on your own!

Doing an MBA has become a compulsion in a competitive corporate world. The right skills and etiquette, along with industry ‘know-how’, can be developed only through an MBA. Yet, many people opt out of pursuing it because of the financial aspect of pursuing MBA.

One of the biggest financial burdens for any parent is to fund for their child’s higher education. What if this burden can be partially or completely reduced?
ITM Business School gives young and promising students a golden opportunity to reduce this financial burden through the ITM iFirst Scholarship Program!
In this program, a student has to enroll and appear for the ITM iFirst Scholarship test. If the performance of the student is exceptional, he or she gets the chance to earn from 25% to 100% scholarship on tuition fees!

Number of students getting 100%, 50% and 25% scholarship in the previous year’s iFirst Scholarship Test-

  • 17 students earned 100% tuition fee scholarship!
  • 28 students earned 50% tuition fee scholarship.
  • 55 students earned 25% tuition fee scholarship

If you are able to get a premier rank, you can earn 100% scholarship, and fund your MBA, all on your own. ITM Business School also provides 50% and 25% scholarship on tuition fees, based on a student’s performance in the ITM iFirst Scholarship test.

So, even if you aren’t ranked in the cream of the crop, you can still pay less for your MBA course!
But, does getting a scholarship only pertain to reducing the financial burden off your parent’s shoulders? Absolutely not!
Getting a scholarship also means making your parents extremely proud!

When you rank high in a unique test like the ITM iFirst Scholarship test, it is not a pride just for you but also for your parents. Make your parents proud, apply for the ITM iFirst Scholarship Test, today!

Last date for enrolling – 20th January 2018.