Learning Outcomes Master of Personal Financial Planning.
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Resource Person:

Ms. Niyati Patel, Faculty Head, The Learning Curve Academy.
Department of Finance along with Department of Financial Markets organized a workshop on 18th September 2018 at ITM Business School, Kharghar. The workshop – “Finance GYM- A workout that pays” was taken by Mrs. Niyati Patel, faculty head of The Learning Curve Academy, sponsored by Kotak Mahindra. Mrs Niyati Patel a Finance graduate from NMIMS, has worked in HDFC as a Management Trainee, thereafter worked as the Vice President and Assistant Vice President – Senior Sales Officer in Bank of America for 8 years.

“Finance GYM” was mainly focused in imbibing the attitude of investment in the mindset of the students of ITM. It emphasised on the belief of ‘investing, not saving’.

Finance GYM:

Mrs. Niyati Patel said that “one should always start early so that there is enough money after retirement. One’s investment should always start from the age 25 to not regret in the future and lead a balanced lifestyle with equally balanced money growth”. The best forms of investment that a person can indulge in are:

  • Equity
  • Mutual Funds
  • Fixed deposits
  • Public Provident Fund
  • Gold
  • ELSS/ Tax Saving Schemes

A person should learn how to make a diversified balanced investment and build a correct portfolio. A person should always consider 3 things before investing –

Time is an important factor that helps a person decide whether to invest in long term securities or short term.

Age is considered important as a person can invest according to his/her age. Amount of investment differs according to the age of a person. For e.g., a person at 25 has to invest lesser than a person at 35 or 45, if the accumulation-interest is same.

Risk-tolerance is an important component in investing. It helps to analyse an investor’s behaviour and helps him to understand what types of investment he must take care of. The risk tolerant has been characterised as – aggressive, moderate and conservative.

Mrs. Niyati introduced the finance aspirants to the world of investments. The Warren Buffett batch was given a detailed learning about all types of investing activities and risks and returns involved in each. The main mantra was- “higher the risk, higher the return”. Apart from investing directly in equity shares or debt, the smartest way would be to invest in a mutual fund. Here, the finances are handled by an expertise fund manager where he pools together the investing amount invested by a group of investors and invests it wisely. A fund manager would make a detailed study on the market structure, company’s financial health and other factors. This is how they invest in more than one company and works towards maximising the return and wealth of the investor. One should always learn to be smart investor than be a large investor.


The students participated in many activities and games that made them understand the many branches of investment in depth. Activity brochures were circulated by The Learning Curve Academy that had fun activities like crosswords, matching definitions, choosing the right option, case studies, etc. An in-depth study of share analysis was done through www.valueresearchonline.com

Apart from the activities, an interesting mock investment gaming session was played. It kept the students interestingly engaged for a long time as it involved buying and selling and investing in different mutual funds, stocks or fixed deposits. It involved realistic experience of asset allocation and wealth management by attaining goals mentioned. It involved prizes and ample learning.


The finance forum 18-20 would like to acknowledge Mr. Sanjay Sinha, HoD, Department of finance; Prof Dhaval Bhatt and Prof Krupesh Thakkar who made it possible for the students to learn and understand a new topic. A great coordination towards the workshop was shown from the Warren Buffett (Finance Batch 18-20) Class representative, Bonajit Kumar Patowary and Divya Ghosh. A thankful acknowledgment would also be extended to the content writer, Sneha Chatterjee. It was a gaining experience for the students of ITM Business school and would be looked forward to more such workshops and seminars.