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Learn beyond classrooms and books!

Forbes Magazine claims, ”We don’t have a jobs crisis, but a skills crisis in the world”.

We turn the pages of books when we want to know.
We enter classrooms when we want to learn.

Books and classrooms are undoubtedly the most precious avenues of learning but, when it comes to developing skills, do these avenues suffice?

Classrooms are like temples that impart priceless information, and books are great repositories that enhance your knowledge. They are extremely important sources of learning, but in the competitive world out there, theoretical learning is often deemed inadequate.

It is an undeniable fact that mastering a skill needs practice, and practice needs practical learning. The ones indulging into theory become knowledgeable, but the ones indulging in practice become competent and skillful. ITM Business School focuses on producing individuals who excel at skills, thus, practical learning is the cornerstone of our core curriculum.

We help our students become more ‘competent’ because that’s what matters the most in the corporate world. A lot of students, who excel in classrooms, struggle in their jobs because they fail to absorb the pressure. ITM Business School’s attempt to facilitate practical learning not only equips individuals with the best skills for getting an edge in their careers but also helps Entrepreneurs cope up with the changing demands of the industry.

Our practical learning philosophy revolves around giving aspirants adequate industry exposure. A compulsory 5 month Intensive Internship Program right in the middle of the PGDM course helps students observe and grasp the intricacies of their respective fields.

Also, we invest 300 hours in the Personal Development of each and every student. This helps in sharpening their skills and refining their corporate etiquette. Study at ITM Business School to go beyond books and classrooms to become a professional like no one else!