Know Executive MBA in India eligibility criteria to be the best manager
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The global economy is on the rise and it needs professionals to comprehend difficult situations and come up with strategic plans. The challenges and the continuously progressive environment demands that you adapt theoretical practices in the practical scenario and have exceptional problem solving skills. Thus, there was a need to create a program that covered these types of criteria for executive learning.

What is the Executive MBA in India eligibility criteria?

There are different types of Executive MBA in India eligibility criteria which are followed by colleges. These generally pertain to the following requirements:

  • You must hold an accredited graduate degree from an institution which is recognized by the college you have applied to for your Executive MBA program.
  • There is a specified number of years of experience that the college requires you to have. It may vary from college to college however it is usually 5- 10 years. Some colleges also allow you to enrol for their Executive MBA program with 2 years of work experience in the field.
  • There is also a requirement for competitive exam score such as CAT, GMAT, XAT, SNAP etc which may be required by the college however this is not necessarily important for the candidate. The college does not emphasize on a really high score when you are applying for their Executive program because they understand that you may not have the time to study for these exams.
    Some colleges also require you to submit a letter of recommendation from your current employer so that the panel or committee understands your contribution in an organisation.

Experience is the main criteria for selection in Executive MBA colleges and also you need to clear the personal interview which is taken by the committee. The panel has to oversee functions you have performed in the organisation and how you have been able to work out challenges.

The need for this program although relates to enhancing your skills in decision making and problem solving but the panel needs to understand whether you have the capability to perform the tasks assigned to you at the right time and if you are able to forecast in the right way. As an advanced program there are no basic learnings that are provided to candidates who enrol for this program instead you attain an enhanced knowledge about various concepts relating to your specialisation.

For example if you have taken up Executive MBA in financial accounting you would get to learn about management principles, administration, financial and equity markets, Trading market, forecasting and risk management along with understanding accounts and taxation rules. Now these laws that are taught would be elaborately covered in the classroom thereby equipping you with knowledge as to how you can use these laws in order to escalate the business profits. You would also be taught how to manage funds and distribute these funds in an essential manner in order to make capital gains and drive the company to success. While there are so many things that you get to learn the essential thing that you learn about is becoming an ideal manager through the Executive MBA program.