Why executive MBA Is important after completing graduation
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Executive MBA (EMBA) Programme

While most people in India are aware of the full time MBA Course and the countless benefits it offers, this is not true with executive MBAs. However, this does not reduce the significance of an executive MBA Course. Once you understand all about this course, you will be a better judge.

Here are things you may want to know when you ask what is an executive MBA:

Duration of the Course

The executive MBA is also a 2 years course just like part time MBA courses. It can be pursued by a candidate while he continues with his job. This is a good option for people who do not wish to jeopardise their career and yet want to enhance their chances in the professional field.

Difference Between a Full Time Course and an Executive MBA

While both full time and part time are MBA courses, there is a major difference in the way the curriculum is handled. This is because the executive MBA courses are open only for candidates with nearly 5 years managerial experience. Most often the companies choose candidates from their firms who may hone the skills to prove worthy candidates for higher positions. If this is the case, the company may even sponsor your executive MBA course.

In a fulltime MBA, the student has to start from scratch. On the contrary, in case of an executive MBA, the candidate already has 5 years work experience. The course only helps to further fine tune the existing knowledge and skills to meet the market requirements.

Major Benefits of Doing Executive MBA

As students for the executive MBA Course are also working, they can apply what they learn simultaneously. This means they get to execute what they learn and see for themselves how the lessons work.

An executive MBA can strengthen your resume. Most foreign companies look for candidates with specialised qualifications for their industry. This helps them avoid spending on training the candidate. A good executive MBA course fine tunes the skills and prepares you for the global market.

Things to Check Before Going for the Course

Here are some things you need to decide correctly before pursuing the course:

  • The course in executive MBA that you wish to pursue
  • The reputed colleges for the course you have selected
  • The staff in the chosen college
  • The alumni for the selected course and college

Once you are sure of your choice, go ahead and start with the course.