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The Summit on Techno Management Trends’ provides an ideal platform to business leaders and corporate dignitaries and the academia to present their views on the blend of technology and management trends in the industry. This summit aims to provide an opportunity to academician and corporate to come together for knowledge sharing and deliver education par excellence to the keen students. ITM as an institute believes in all-round development of its students, it thrives to give a 360 approach of the corporate world and the trending technology. ICTMT is one such event where business leaders and corporate dignitaries come forward to present their views on the technologies that are creating an impact on the world at large.

ITM’s ICTMT is associated with many known brands who are the sponsors for the summit. These sponsors are Himalaya, Tata McGraw Hill, Oxford, Pearson, S.Chand Publishing, Maruti Suzuki, Corporate Gurukul, Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd (SHCIL). The presence of these well-known brands enhanced the vibes of the event. ICTMT Summit of ITM Business School, Kharghar, was held at Summit at St. Regis, Lower Parel.

ITM’s ICTMT Summit started on the day of 22nd February at The St. Regis, Lower Parel. After a delightful breakfast, the registration for the event started with a buzzing note. The hall was ready to witness the Summit on Techno Trends where panels would discuss the trending and upcoming technologies.

Saraswati Vandana marked the official start of the event followed by a welcome address from Dr. Lakshmi Mohan, Director, ITM Business School, Kharghar. She paid her gratitude towards the corporate who took out time from their hectic schedules for the summit. She says “We as an educational institute welcome the changes taking place in the technology because they are the drivers of our future. The human race is modifying its lifestyle to catch up with the technology and this can be seen in the day to day living style, starting from traveling in service providers like OLA and UBER to grocery shopping and ordering food through Big Basket and Swiggy. Accepting these have become a requirement of the time that is running like sand through hands.”

ICTMT Summit was possible only because of the people who worked hard to make it a success and the team of these hard-working people was introduced to the audience by Dr. B.V Jayanthi, Co-Convenor, ICTMT 2019.

As VP of Institutional Development, ITM Groups, Professor R.S.S. Mani addressed the delegates of the summit through his words, which were full of energy. He started by giving a huge round of applause for the faculties of ITM Business School, Kharghar for their great efforts. He quotes that “Today we all are learning new meanings of the alphabets ABCD and this has taken us to the point where we have to forget what we have learned because it won’t take us any further. In order to survive with changing the pace of technology we all have to unlearn, relearn and reskill ourselves.” He as a social scientist expressed his concern for new generations because they are being consumed by alienation, which is a draw of the technology that is growing leaps and bound.

Further, it was time for most awaited part of a summit, the panel discussion on “Techno Management Trends.” The delegates in the panel were Mr. Amol Dethe, Editor, Finbizness, Mr. Sanjay Yashroy, Managing partner at Maitreyi Capital Advisors, Ms. Deepa Naik, Co-founder, Cogitari, Founder Member and Indian Head at Human for Artificial Intelligence, Mr. Rajesh Gopal, India Head, Corporate Gurukul. The content that was discussed by the panel captured everything that is happening in the world at large, no matter if it were the start-ups that are working for the rural development or the technologies like nanotechnology. The panel talked about the experience they as well as people around them are having because of the technologies like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. The panel also discussed what the students should learn in order to keep pace with the changing environment. As per them, there is a huge demand for data engineers, data scientist.

Dr. A. Velumani, Chairman, Thyrocare gave an insight about what it takes to start a business, and one thrives keep it going.

An element of fun was added to the summit by the students of ITM Business School, who presented a skit based on mobile technology and how it is affecting everyone’s life.

It is always a great opportunity to hear from who are working at the ground level for the benefits of others. Ms. Suniti Nanda, Fintech Officer, MahaIT, explained it to the delegates what as per her technology should be. She says, “Technology should be one which is solving a problem for someone rather than just being a disruption.” She also stated that now the time has come for us to move from good to great and if we all try to be great, we can make a difference.

At last the time for Fintech Panel discussion arrived. The panellists were Mr. Vijay Chand, Country Director of Taxsutra, Mr. Sivaram Maganty, Co-Founder of Finwisely Fintech Services, Mr. Mohan Ramaswamy, Co-founder and CEO at Rubix Data Sciences Private Ltd, Mr. Hemal Kotecha, Group Executive VP for Digital Payments and Mobility at Yes Bank.

The Fintech Panel discussed a lot about data, the buzz word of the century. The panel discussed how banking services are changing and what customers are experiencing because of it. Open banking was another topic that was part of the discussion along with data decaying. The end words of the panel consisted “Future belongs to the collaboration of man and machine, technology is going to be a mediator only, but technology will also be the centre stage of all information provided.”

Corporate Gurukul was one of the sponsors for the ICTMT Summit on Techno Management Trends 2019, Mr. Rajesh Gopal, India Head at Corporate Gurukul exposed the delegates to requirements of the market when it comes to students. He presented an overall view of how students are learning new technologies so that they compete in the market. His view also showed how Indian education is more of knowledge-based rather than application based. He also supported the thought that what was able to get us here won’t be able to take us any further in the future. He also gave a brief talk about Corporate Gurukul and its work at large.

Just as the sun was about to set down in the horizon, the summit of ICTMT came to an end with a thank you address from Dr. Saritprava Das, Dean, ITM Business School. She in her speech thanked each and every member who worked to make the summit a success.

It was an event full of wisdom that helped to impart knowledge about the trending technologies in the area of management.

It surely was one of its kind.