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This interface will regularly incorporate updates on the extra-curricular activities and events which happen on a regular basis in the campus. The student participation in these activities is a true representation of the all-round skills in the areas of singing, dancing, quizzing, adventure and a host of extra curriculum activities which are pivotal in the all-round development of a budding student Management

Professional in contemporary times.

1. Vangani Boot Camp:

A three day

outbound learning camp was conducted by professional trainers from Adventure One Zone, a pioneer in experiential learning for the ITM-SIA Student fraternity at Vangani, a picturesque and breath taking suburb close to Mumbai for three days beginning

July 11 to 13. The objective was

to predominantly foster self-exploration, excitement and excellence.

The students thoroughly enjoyed this event which was loaded with a mix of indoor and outdoor activities like Management games, river rafting,

rapping, rock climbing and tent making. This exercise helped the student fraternity in assimilating the principles of Management practiced in today’s Corporate Milieu albeit in a practical fashion.

Some pictures from the Vangini Boot Camp:


100_5670 100_5681 100_5707 100_56701 DSCN1101 DSCN1124
























2. Eureka 2013:

Our students and the faculty organised ‘Eureka 2013’, a first of its kind Inter-Class Quiz Contest in the campus on September 23, 2013. The quest was to unravel the supreme brain power and killer instinct of students who had the passion and gusto to crack tricky brain teasing questions. The event, a run-away success, was conducted with a lot of
enthusiasm and excitement in the campus auditorium.

Some pictures from Eureka 2013:

Eureka-1 Eureka-2 Eureka-3