ITM PGDM iConnect Experience – Ruchit Kumar Jain shares his experience at CocaCola
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Through this internship, I get to understand what being an M.B.A. graduate is. An MBA graduation is not about “a white-collar job with an air-conditioned cubicle to sit and work.” It’s more about the readiness to undertake any responsibility and fulfill it with the uniqueness of a person which shall define him/her.

For example, Even if I have to perform a very basic clerical job, my quest as an MBA graduate should be for that one unique quality which certifies me as an MBA graduate and helps me do that job in my own – unique – manner.

This surely suits as the tagline of the company I work at – Coca Cola.
My voyage to self – exploration and development started at the most aggressive time of the year (April) for a company like Coca-Cola which holds 72% market share in the entire city (Vizag). My most cherishing experience is also the beginning of my internship. A quite welcoming Boss, in a noisy and ‘full of zip’ atmosphere, is what the most encouraging part is. If there is just one thing that I’ve observed at Coca-Cola, then it’s surely the happy work culture.
Here at HCCBPL, no matter how busy you are, one is supposed to wear a smile and work!

Before joining Coca-Cola, I was always concerned about my career graph which has seen highs to sour lows. I was worried about the next leap to take forward. Here at this work place, I’ve come to know, how everyone has to pass through this juncture of perplexity. Fortunately I got the opportunity to speak with like minds that helped me from time to time.

Every employee is the face of a company. So, working at an organization, one must follow a particular moral code which delights others and also as a matter of fact, help ourselves to mold in becoming a better person or a better employee. This set of principles is what defines the character of an employee and hence effects favorably or unfavorably, depending upon the choices we make.

Being an employee of a company involves many duties and responsibilities. These duties and responsibilities vary depending upon the designation you work on. Also, the type of work undertaken by an employee and his/her ability to perform it marks or scars him. Attributes like knowledge, behavior and hard work is what the identity of an employee becomes. This identity is more attached to an employee rather than the designation.