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Five months at MSD, has made a huge impact on my learning curve and has offered me a profile which I personally feel was very challenging at the very outset. I’m happy to have traveled this journey successfully, as it has given me valuable insights in project development, rationale, analysis, communication and so on, thus satisfying the motivational model of Herzberg’s. The learning, I believe from this project has been very high and has helped me a long way to shape my career in overall HR process across different verticals. Despite being in a HR team previously, I realize it was a different ball game altogether with this project here in MSD.

I have realized that many global multi nationals are going from “ILLNESS to WELLNESS” the project that I have worked for, which focuses on the acute need to invest in health of the organization as a tool to increase and retain talent by caring for its employees. During the course of planning and executing the project I have realized that organizations which have invested heavily in the health and wellness space are reaping excellent results. Globally many organizations have implemented the health and wellness piece effectively and have found it extremely critical not only to build a healthier workforce, but also to ensure there is less absenteeism, increased productivity, increased awareness thereby facilitating employee engagement, motivation through health incentives, employee retention through increased benefits and decreased insurance claims thereby ensuring significant saving for the organizations.
Through the Journey—
The beginning of the day 1 of the project was a real excitement, apprehension, tension, confusion and at the same time fear of the assignment as to what will be my learning, how I will be able to tackle it. Then the moment was broken when I was asked to come up with innovative programs that could be run on a national level and also was asked to do a feasibility study to understand the needs of the organization and its approach. The ideas were to ensure that they weren’t adhoc programs but were run as a set of integrated programs with clear mission, vision, objective and outcomes. To come up with such a program was a daunting task and rationale had to be developed to ensure it was foolproof and effective as high amount of resources were at stake. I had to research on global, regional and local trends in health and wellness and challenges faced in those organizations.

I got the wonderful opportunity to interact with various C&B Heads and HR Heads of various organizations primarily in the pharma space and those interactions provided an avenue of high learning and comfort and kept me abreast with various kinds of happenings in the corporate world especially with regards to health and wellness. I also got to interact with over 35 leading health and wellness providers in the health and wellness space whereby I got an extensive understanding of the various health and wellness offerings they provide. It also made me realize that health and wellness is a emerging concept and it will be in practice in the next few years in the Indian market. Most of the services though are limited to metro or tier 1 cities in India.

Conclusion & Suggestion
At the very outset, five months of internship never looked such a challenging experience. But after 5 months, I can witness that each and every moment spent at MSD India has helped me to understand organizational demographics, employee perspective, management philosophies, project management skills, benefit management and I look forward in using this experiences in upcoming assignments.

At last, but not the least I would like to thank my professors, Director and ITM as a whole to give me this opportunity to work in such a reputed organization and help me in sharpening my managerial skill to make me fit for the corporate world.

Andrews Koshy ITM Global Leadership Centre – Human Resources  Batch – 2013 – 15
Interned at  MSD