How ITM PGDM helps you become corporate ready!
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How ITM PGDM helps you become corporate ready!

“58% of graduates are not adequately prepared for work.”

This observation by The Forbes Magazine reflects the disparity between ‘what is taught in college’ and ‘what is truly applicable at work’. Undeniably, college education fails to produce competent professionals. That’s because of the industry changing rapidly, and becoming more competitive by the day.
By the time a student grasps a course curriculum, the corporate landscape changes extensively. No matter how good the curriculum is, it, unfortunately, becomes outdated.

To help students keep up with the evolving pace of the industry, ITM post graduation diploma course provides 3 practical solutions that work!

1. ITM PGDM – 5-Month Intensive Internship Program:
The internship program is pretty much an integral part of ITM PGDM diploma course’s core curriculum. Summer internships fail to give students the kind of exposure that they should ideally be getting. To help students at ITM PGDM understand the intricacies, way of functioning and demands of the corporate world, a 5-Month Intensive Internship Program is provided.
So, when students graduate, they have 5 months of precious experience that helps them start off their corporate journey with a bang!

2. ITM PGDM – 300 Hours of Personal Development
Soft skills, etiquette, body language, and presentation skills are essential aspects of a competent professional. These are requisites that many people ignore, but ITM post graduate diploma program doesn’t. Students are provided with 300 hours of Personal Development to refine their persona and exude confidence and conviction.

3. ITM PGDM – Industry oriented classroom training:
ITM PGDM goes beyond the books and ensures that the trending practices of the corporate world are substantial points of learning in the classroom. This is a ‘grassroots’ level approach that ensures every student is well versed with industry landscape. Case studies and discussions are encouraged to help students develop an advanced level of understanding.

Employing these 3 methods, ITM post graduation diploma course bridges a massive gap and restores considerable parity between ‘what is taught in college’ and ‘what is truly applicable at work’.

In simpler words, ITM PGDM helps you become Corporate Ready!