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ITM’s ICTMT was organized into two phases- Phase I included a Winter Carnival and a Paper Presenting Conference in the premises of ITM Business School, Kharghar.

ICTMT is associated with many known brands who are the sponsors for the conference. These sponsors are Himalaya, Tata McGraw Hill, Oxford, Pearson, S.Chand Publishing, Maruti Suzuki, Corporate Gurukul, Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd (SHCIL). The presence of these well-known brands enhanced the vibes of the event.

Carnivals are the best way to bring a positive vibe and a sense of cheerfulness, ICTMT’s             PHASE-I started with a winter carnival organized in the premises of ITM Business School, Kharghar on the day of 29th and 30th January. The Carnival held stalls staring from eatery, clothes, handmade jewellery to beauty products. Even the students participated in the carnival with full vigour. The carnival was just a small part of the bigger event that was waiting on the day of 15th February 2019.

The morning of 15th February marked the beautiful beginning of the ICTMT Conference. It started with the registration followed by a breakfast that filled everyone’s appetite. ICTMT is a conference that aims to bring together academicians, researchers, practitioners, and corporates.

Next on the agenda was the introduction of the Conference from Dr. B.V.Jayanthi, Co-Convenor, ICTMT 2019. The team of Convenor Dr. Jyotirmoy Dasgupta and Co-Convenors Prof. Jasmine Jha, Dr. B.V.Jayanthi, Dr. Tushar Panigrahi, Prof. Shweta Kishore and Prof. Pinky Agarwal was introduced to the audience.

The conference was further carried on with the inauguration by the esteemed guests of the event. After the inauguration, it was time for a welcome speech from Dr. Lakshmi Mohan, Director, ITM Business School, Kharghar. As per her “Technology is going by leaps and bounds. Some technology has the status to create disruption in the world.” She also mentioned that ITM is coming up with courses that would be a blend of industry and academia. Dr. Lakshmi Mohan also said that the ITM always try to keep pace with the technological advancements. She quotes “Organisations have to keep up with the upgrading technology, and we as an educational institute are trying to keep up with the requirements of the market.”

Even Professor R.S.S Mani, Vice President, Institutional Development, ITM Groups, shared his thoughts with the academician’s present. According to Professor Mani “The world is changing, and everyone has to change their way of living accordingly. The present world is asking to relearn and re-skill ourselves.” He also gave us a new ABCD where the alphabets stand as A- Artificial Intelligence, B- Block Chain, C- Cloud computing, D –Drone, and so on. The coming generations will learn this form of alphabets.

The knowledge and insights one can gain in a conference are worth every minute and this conference was meant to gain some insights on technology and its effect on the general people such as students, customer, and corporate.

The esteemed Guests for the event were felicitated after the speech, the guests included- Mr. Anand Krishnamoorthy, Director, Capita India, Mr. K. R. Suryanarayanan, Vice President, Godrej Consumer Products, Mr. Akhilesh C Srivastava, Head Innovations, TCS, Mumbai.

It takes a great effort, passion, hard work and days and days of research to write a paper. Researchers invest their time in coming up with a finding which is worth showing the world. ITM’s ICTMT gave a platform to students, corporate and researchers. The conference of 15th February 2019 was a blessing of knowledge for everyone. Findings on every sector were involved in the papers presented, starting with the biggest sector FMCG to the organized and unorganized market of Jaipur. The papers also included research on the effect of personality between online engagement and job pursuing intention. The extent of knowledge among the researchers was admirable. Even the panellists were critical while evaluating the papers.

Once the papers were presented it was time to award the researcher for the best paper and the awards for poster making with the topic of “Management is an Art, Technology is a paintbrush” which was also a part of ICTMT.

The day came to an end once the awards were presented by the Guest of Honours and the Director, ITM Business School, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. Professor Shweta Kishore thanked all for taking out time from their schedules and making the event of 15th February a success.