ITM iFirst Scholarship Test helps you earn high ROI!
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ITM iFirst Scholarship Test helps you earn high ROI!

An MBA is all about increasing value. It is a valuable course that adds value to your skills and brings value to your career. It is also an investment that changes your life. But, is every individual able to extract the most out of this priceless avenue? Is the course giving you the right value for money?
These are some burning questions that usually go unanswered and unattended.
ITM Business School understands the financial aspect of doing an MBA, and thus believes that a student should get a better return on investment and a greater value for money. The institute provides 3 major financial avenues-

ITM iFirst Scholarship Test-
What can be better than paying lesser than the actual MBA fees?
The ITM iFirst Scholarship Test gives aspiring MBA students an opportunity to relieve themselves from the financial burden. Candidates who perform really well in this test are granted from 25% to 100% scholarship on tuition fees!
What does that mean? Saving money from your higher education fee, or literally funding your higher education with ITM, all on your own.
Apply for scholarship by clicking HERE. (Hyperlink)

5-month Paid Internship Program-
ITM Business School encourages students to go out in the industry and learn the tricks of the trade in real time situations. To ensure that adequate exposure is given, a compulsory 5-month long paid internship is offered.
In the duration of the course, a student not just saves money through the scholarship, but also earns money from the internship.

ITM Business School has an impressive record of attracting the best companies and ensuring that the students get the most lucrative salary packages. Sharpen your skills with the internship and be polished enough to take the industry by storm!

Save big, learn big and earn big! ITM Business School offers you the best ROI for doing an MBA!