Why is ITM Counted Among the Top PGDM Colleges?
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The industry has become very competitive. Achieving high positions in your career can now seem like a great challenge. Most companies look for more qualified candidates. One more degree adds weightage to your resume. Just graduation is not enough and most people today pursue a post graduate diploma course to increase the weight of their resumes.

A degree isn’t helpful unless it is from a reputed institute. Choose the ITM institute as it is among the top pgdm colleges in Mumbai and you can be assured of quality education. Here are some reasons why you may consider choosing this institute:

Quality Staff
The ITM Institute understands the significance of having industry related experience for professional programs. The staff at ITM Institute are experts from the different industries like retail management, human resource management, finance, marketing etc and have real-life knowledge in these industries. The top-notch staff at ITM helps train candidates into global professionals.

Multiple Branches
The ITM Institute has multiple branches in different areas of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. This allows a candidate to select an institute close to home and avoid wasting time travelling to far off places. A candidate can focus all his attention and spend all his time in acquiring knowledge and sharpening skills.

Different PGDM Courses Available Under One Roof
Different candidates have different skill sets and likings. The choice of post graduate diploma course depends on the industry chosen as well as the skills present in the candidate. Since the ITM Institute provides a range of PGDM Courses under one roof, it is surely the best choice for you to pursue the course of your choice. Here are the different PGDM courses available at ITM:

International Business Management
This course helps candidates get exposure to international business and how it works. The international business course also includes a foreign trip where the candidates get to view the functioning of international markets through their own eyes.

Financial Markets
Money management is significant and holds to the key to progress. A candidate can pursue a degree in financial markets to understand the nuances of money management and its role in business.

Business Management (General)
A business management course trains you in the functioning of business.

Human Resource Management
As the workforce increases and there is greater competition, a human resource management course comes handy. It helps you beat the competition and acquire higher positions in the managerial chain.

Retail Management and Marketing
This course trains candidates in the working of retail industry.