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An Industry visit was organized on 17 January 2019 (Thursday) at 9:00AM to Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. Taloja for Operations and Supply chain management 2018-20 batch, we were accompanied by two of our faculties Prof. Shweta Kishore and Prof. Gayatri Kaple. The visit was guided by the production manager Mr. Vinod Mante.

About Company

 Galaxy Surfactants is a global leader supplying a wide range of innovative products to over 1000 customers in 99 countries. These include the world’s leading brands. The products touch lives of billions of people every day. They have a wide range of specialty chemicals which includes Surfactants, Mild Surfactants, Rheology Modifiers, Pearlizing Agents, Conditioning Agents, blends based on innovative concepts, proteins, personal care. Galaxy is Certified Preferred Supplier to Colgate, Star Status Supplier for Unilever, Strategic Mind Partner with Henkel, Green Channel Holder of Reckitt Benckiser.

They have invested heavily in the innovation process which has turned out specialty ingredients that have specific applications for various personal care products. The manufacturing plants are located at Taloja, Tarapur, Jaghadia in India, Egypt and USA. They also have a state of art Pilot Plant at Tarapur and Taloja.


The Taloja plant (Research Centre) was started in 1997, it has 6 lines of production in which batch production process is followed and the work is done in shifts. The material produced are FAS Solids which are in the form of needles, granules, colored granules, powder, jell etc.

They follow TPM (Total Product Management) process, they also have Skill matrix evaluation, skill test for employees, and Plant performance indicator. The production process of material is done through continuous process the material which is water and other chemicals is passed through Air dryers then it passes through blower which removes the moisture and then it passes through 2 Silica belts which takes 8 hours and through Bone dryer. After this it goes further towards Sulphonation process in which the Sulphur is melted and is converted into Sulphonic Acid at the end it passes through the vacuum for the removal of impurities. The unreacted Sulphur is passed through scrubbers and it produces sodium sulphate which is a byproduct. They also have an adjustment vessel in which the product is customized according to the customer’s need. The final product is then stored in the storage tanks, then it is loaded into the tankers.

After this process the tanks are taken to the packaging room in which the packaging of tanks is done. In the packaging process the tanks are labelled with the date of manufacturing, weight, barcode, name of the product. Then they are stored into the warehouse.

The finished goods are stored in the warehouse until they are out for delivery. They follow FIFO process. No light is required in the day time and there are solar panels which generates the energy required in the night. The warehouse is handled manually and forklifts are used for movement of inventory in the warehouse, the forklift has a screen view for the convenience of driver to pick the material easily. He also uses scanner list which is used to pick the required containers. A demonstration was also given to us to show how a forklift works.

They also have ETP (Effluent treatment plant) in which the rejected water is cleaned through various processes which includes microfiltration, bio micro filtration, reverse osmosis etc. This water is considered pure for drinking purposes.

Awards and Achievements

2003 – The Company was accorded “TPM Excellence – First Category” by Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, Japan, for the unit situated at Taloja.

2008 – The Company was accorded “TPM Achievement” by Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, Japan, for the unit situated at Taloja and Tarapur.

– The Company was accorded “Certificate of Merit 2008 – Manufacturing Category” in the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award 2008

2010 – The Company was accorded “Gold Certificate of Merit” at the Economic Times India Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2010 for the unit situated at Taloja.

The Company was accorded “ISO 14001:2015” and “BS OHSAS 18001:2007” from Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS for the plant located at Taloja.