ITM Business School HR Department Industrial Visit PGDM HR (2019-21)
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Attendees: HR Batch 2019-21 along with Dr. Snigdharani Mishra, Dr. Sonal Jauhari and Dr. Tanvi Rana.
Bombay Dyeing is part of the Wadia Group which is 250 years old. The Wadia group first venture was into Marine Constructions between 1736-1886. The Wadia Master Shipbuilders has built 355 trading and war ships. They have also built the finest ships for East India Company and the British Navy. The Wadia Group is diversified into various fields of industry and commerce. Now, Mr. Wadia sensed an opportunity in India’s mushrooming textile industry. On August 23, 1879, Bombay Dyeing was founded under the Companies Act 1866. The Company ranks among leading manufacturers and marketers of cotton and synthetic fabrics. One of the largest Indian exporters of fabrics: cotton, poly-cotton and made-ups.
Vision: They will offer differentiated PSF specialty products and services in a most economical way and create value for the customers and nation.
Mission: they will de-commoditize the PSF business and pursue niche market to have competitive advantage.
Learnings of the Visit:
The Employee Welfare:
They have the free transportation facilities for the employees, food quality and reasonable subsidized food. They even provide employees with gift or appreciations on safety day. To increase the productivity, they arrange regular picnics or events for the employees. Superannuated employees are covered under the Company’s Medical Policy (i.e.., the umbrella scheme). There are three shifts in a day so that the employees can get proper rest and the productivity or efficiency of the employees does not decreased. Regular Health Care check-ups are been set up because for them “A healthy worker is a productive worker.”
Performance Appraisals:
For motivating the employees of the company appraisals or bonuses are provided to employees. Online attendance is in operation which is directly linked with the payroll system and canteen facilities. The appraisals are on the basis of: Employee Ability, Competency, Potential of an individual, Resourcefulness and Creativity.

Training and Development: In training and development the company provides In house facilities as well. The sessions are being provided to the contract workmen along with the first Aid, Fire Mock Drills, Lifestyle changes and adaptability sessions.Training to response in emergency situations is also been provided, focusing on the management of Health issues and stress management. Special sessions for the Safety Awareness and Responsible Care.

The visit has helped the students in understanding various concepts and applications related to Industrial Labour laws and Human Resource Management techniques and its relevance to the organization. It also gave students a deep insight into the fact that all these aspects are crucial to the organization. This analysis, processes, review and recommendations provided in the report was a great learning experience for students and they will reflect this learning in their future endeavours at work.
Overall the Industrial Visit was highly interactive and full of student involvement.
Following are some glimpses of the session.