Invest in yourself to ensure career growth!
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1 April 2019 - 15:53, by , in blog, EEC, ITM Institute, Comments off

Warren Buffet famously said, “The best investment that you will ever make is in yourself”. The world’s greatest entrepreneurs, thought leaders and intellectuals have all emphasized on the doctrine of self-investment.

The vicious limitations of growth in the corporate sphere, limit your potential too! If you are pouring all your efforts, energy, time and focus into your job; and if you are depending on one performance review that decides your growth, things certainly need to change.

The more you hone your skills, enhance your aptitude, increase your knowledge and develop your persona, the higher shall be your chances of growth and success. So, if you want a major jump in your career, you have to look beyond appraisals and focus on making yourself an extremely skilled and polished professional.

You might argue, how do I get the time or energy to invest in myself, especially when I am working 5 days a week? The good news is, you only need weekends to kick start your career growth!

ITM Executive Education Center gives working professionals an opportunity to grow through the valuable Weekend Executive MBA Program. Our program is designed to help people acquire an MBA degree without quitting their job.

ITM EEC’s Executive MBA provides the best environment to learn and develop a unique skill-set. We equip our students with the most recognized, upgraded and effective techniques of management and execution.

Our Executive MBA Program assists working professionals gain tremendous industry knowledge, get acquainted with the latest trends, develop a high degree of soft skills & presentation skills and master the art of management.

With so many enhancements in your professional armory, you can shape yourself into a valuable prospect for any organization. You tend to become more productive which attracts a higher professional position. Our program helps you nurture the ability to become a distinct professional having an impressive managerial aptitude.

Weekend Executive MBA is the self-investment you were searching for!