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About Maxion Wheels:

Maxion Wheels and its subsidiaries have been supplying OEMs with the highest quality wheels and most innovative technologies for over 100 years. Their journey started in 1908, from making wooden wheels to the highest quality major automobile product- wheels! Maxion has an international network of strategically located engineering, technology, and production facilities. The company manufactures the quality wheels who can deliver on a truly global platform. This allows to reduce logistical costs as well as to eliminate duplicate processes and to streamline the complexities that come from managing variation in a single vehicle platform.




About Kalyani Maxion Wheels Ltd.:

Kalyani Group established in the mid-1960s, with high technology, engineering & manufacturing capability across critical sectors such as Engineering Steel, Automotive, Industrial, Renewable Energy, Urban Infrastructure and Specialty Chemicals. Kalyani Maxion Wheels Private Limited is incorporated on 18 January 1996. Collaboration with Maxion wheels brought more expansion and growth opportunity for Kalyani group and they started reaching more customers across the world.


Products & Services:

With a focus on optimized design and light-weight technologies such as reduced rim thickness, rim burnishing, hollow hump, and hollow spoke, this company is a world leader in the light-weight wheel market, and they supply aluminum passenger car wheels to every major OEM in the world.

Maxion Wheels produces cast aluminum wheels at multiple plants throughout the world. They manufacture a broad range of diameter and conduct extensive computer modeling during the design phase of each wheel to ensure optimum solidification, load distribution, and weight optimization.


Experience at Kalyani Maxion Wheels Ltd. :

We, being the students of ITM Business School, PGDM-Finance, visited the plant of Kalyani Maxion wheels Ltd. on 12th Jan 2019 with our respected faculty members.  There we were introduced to the manufacturing and heavy engineering process i.e., how the wheels are made. We were accompanied by Experienced engineers and they gave us the tour of the entire plant by showing all the high-end operational activities and quality checking process. We were introduced to the real-life assembly line, production line which involves butt welding, molding, rolling and many more. We were given the knowledge of process inspection which involves the sample checking, each-step-inspection, customer specific requirement checking, and final inspection.

Briefing session:

Mr. Sunil, 23 years an experienced engineer in automobile sector with specialization in wheels, gave us a brief about the growth story and functioning of the company. According to Mr. Sunil, the visionary leadership of the company is to increase the production for a growing economy. To meet the production-demand they have collaborated with different companies. In India, they have their manufacturing plant in Pune, Jamshedpur, and Lucknow. 65% of the wheels market is under the Kalyani Maxion Ltd. which is definitely a goodwill factor for the company. To meet the customers’ capacity they have tied up with BFL to supply wheels to TATA for the next few years.


We, the students of PGDM-Finance, ITM Business School, would like to acknowledge the entire Finance forum for organizing such an amazing live learning Industrial Visit program at Kalyani Maxion wheels Ltd. we are glad to experience the core manufacturing process in the plant. We had great exposure to heavy engineering industry which is also very important for us. A special acknowledgment to Prof. Sanjay Sinha, HOD of Finance, Prof. Geetanjali Pinto, Prof. Dhaval Bhatt, Prof. Uma Ghosh, Dr. Rajashree Yalgi, and Sonali Ma’am for coordinating the entire plan and for guiding and accompanying us on industrial visit day. I, Ayndrila Das, member of Finance Forum would like to acknowledge Ms. Sneha Chatterjee, Content writer, Mr. Bonajit Patowary, Class representative of Finance-1, Mr. Gaurav Pathak, Class representative of Finance-2 for excellent co-ordinance.


Glimpses of the day: