An ideal candidate of Executive MBA
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Executive MBA
10 August 2017 - 15:37, by , in blog, EEC, Comments off

An Executive MBA is structured for working professionals. It is a requisite by many companies and requires a lot of dedication from the candidate for pursuing this course. An Executive MBA student should be highly motivated to enrol in this program and learn about advanced financial management, operation management, economics and marketing. A few pointers that can help ascertain whether you are an ideal candidate for enrolling in this specialised program are:

  1. Educational qualification: Your background in graduation and the qualifying marks may be a criteria by colleges and universities for enrolment. You may not have a certain percentage of number to make you an eligible candidate in some colleges therefore this is a determining factor whether you should enrol in Executive MBA in a particular college. However you must not be discouraged in seeking opportunities as many Universities have a low cut-off and give you opportunities to enrol with minimum qualifications.

  2. Seasoned professional: An Executive MBA candidate should have 2 to 5 years of experience as a professional for enrolling in this course. Since classes are designed for working professionals with advanced curriculum it is an essential requirement for an aspiring candidate to have specific years of experience depending on different institutions.

  3. Financial support: The fees of Executive MBA is a bit on the higher side, therefore an ideal candidate should be able to afford the fees or be eligible to take up a loan for this program. However there are several organisations that extend financial aid to candidates for pursuing this specialised degree, they also give relaxation in terms of work schedule and office timings so that a candidate can pursue this rigorous classroom curriculum. Some organisations push forward the idea of attaining specialisation of this kind so that a company can prosper with the insights provided by the learned employee.

  4. Dedication: The learning process of this program is quite hard therefore a candidate needs to have motivation as well as dedication for pursuing specialisation in EMBA. This course would take up time as well as energy, you would have to work really hard in order to attain good percentage in this program.