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3 September 2018 - 16:37, by , in blog, ITM Institute, PGDM, Comments off

All About Human Resources and Talent Management

The Department of HR at ITM Business School Kharghar are pleased to welcome Ms. Neha Chaudhary (Deputy Manager-HR at Noida Power Company Ltd) for the Guest Lecture at ITM Kharghar campus.

She was driven by passion and an enthusiastic person. The Topic of discussion was “HR Next”. Throughout the session she focused on highlighting real life examples which are the vital aspect for the students. She also focused on the challenges which the students have to face while entering the corporate world and also discussed various ways to overcome them. She also focused on how Artificial Intelligence and Technology becoming part of HR now a days.

Last but not the least, it was a great experience for our students and a great learning as well.