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About the Speaker: Mr. Gurvinder Risam has completed MBA in Finance but started as a Human Resource Manager at Kansai Nerolac paints from past 10 years.

About the session: The topic of the session was Corporate attitude and HR (Expectations VS Reality). Mr. Gurvinder started with his own life experience and in brief shared his career journey as an HR. He has work experience of 10 years and wishes to spend coming 20 more years in the same company. Learning from the session was that we need to be articulative and should understand proper implementation of Free Speech. He further said that humans have fictional reality; and as humans we only survive because of fictional reality. We also learned about how indians approach to Business by taking lessons from the stories of Bible. He explained the modern-day management with the help of mythological lessons and insisted that we should keep in mind these lessons while working in an organization. We should first state the problem and then decide vision, mission, objective and goal. We also learned that Indian Management are from Puranas and working in an organization we need to be big fish in a company’s small pond. The speaker also emphasized on 3 type of Organization i.e. 1.Non-Profit Making Organization 2. Profit Making Organization 3. Prosperity Organization and how all three works on different methodology. Lastly, he also explained different types of hierarchies, 80-20 Principle, Prices Law. He closed the session by enlightening us on our personality traits as per Big 5 model. In the ending note Mr. Gurvinder gave following Predictors of Performance & Success which are:
Social Networks
Specific Skills
Three B Model that contains-Believe, Behaviour and Business, and
It was an insightful session for HR batch 2019-21.
Following are some glimpse of the session.