How To Clear Interview Round for 1 Year Executive MBA?
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Getting admissions can be a difficult feat for every student aspiring to enroll for a role of the senior manager in 1 year Executive MBA. The aspirants generally look for ideas how to crack exams and clear interviews set by the University. It would be extremely alarming if a student were to go unprepared for personal interviews generally conducted by all Universities for their 1 year Executive MBA.

In this blog, you will get a few tips that can help you crack personal interview while appearing for admissions in this prestigious program. In a competitive country like India where thousands of applicants appear for the interview role, how would you stand out from the rest of the crowd? Take a look at the below-given techniques.

5 Tips to Help You Clear Interview For 1 Year Executive MBA Admission

Tip #1: Professional Attitude

Your maturity and level-headed actions show your professional attitude to the committee who conducts 1 year Executive MBA admission process. The ideal candidate in their perception is a person who understands how to give a matured response even under pressure. Questions that assess your professional attitude may be based on quick thinking, your ability to handle responsibility and whether you come across as a senior official.

Tip #2: Assessing your goals

The committee that selects candidates for 1 year Executive MBA needs to understand your motives behind pursuing such an education. Although there is no right or wrong answer for this, a wide range of goals that pertain to your career are acceptable. But giving answers that cover your purpose of financial gain and success aren’t enough. You need to make the committee understand why you have chosen the field? How will it benefit you in the long run? How will it affect the society? Why are you the perfect candidate for the role?

Tip #3: Establishing self-identity and recognizing others

As a manager, you are responsible for the tasks carried out by others. Therefore you need to establish your identity as a self-independent individual in front of the committee. Questions under 1 year Executive MBA that are covered under this section would relate to your past achievements, your team handling skills and reward and recognition if any rewarded to you or your team members under your leadership. Since the role that you would be employed in after completing your 1 year Executive MBA would involve you to understand your peers and recognize or motivate your team members.

Tip #4: Evolving with modern techniques

A candidate must be prepared to answer questions that would challenge his basic concepts of business administration. He must be aware of the prevalent practices that managers use and adopt these practices for his next role.

Tip #5: Communication prowess

You should be able to communicate effectively. Although making plans is important but the communication of these plans in a strategic manner is more significant. You must be able to organise your ideas and schemes through communication and add value to your ideas. This would help you clear your competitive exams too.