Guest Lecture write up held on 28th November, 2017
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A guest lecture on “Gender and Me: How men view gender violence” was conducted by Mr. Altaf Shaikh – Co-founder and Trustee of Urja Trust.

The session was conducted on 28th November, 2017, the duration of the session was for one hour forty five minutes from 11:15 am to 01:00 pm.

Miss. Pradnya Pawar from Urja Trust introduces the speaker to the students. Mr. Altaf gave a brief about the topic and formed groups of students to have an interactive discussion session on men perspective on the definition of gender.

The students were asked to give One-word description of male and female.

The resource faculty imparted the information on the corporate perspective of gender.

Then a clear definition of gender as explained by the speaker was given as Role & Behaviour assigned by the society. Examples of norms set by the society of the gender; professions and gender roles were quoted to the students.
An Activity was undertaken by the students as to what comes to the mind when we think of gender violence/ domestic violence.
Audience separated as male and female were given one chart paper each group to depict the theme. Case scenarios of gender norms were discussed. Discussion was also held on violence and types of violence. The NGO interns were asked to share their experience with Urja Trust. The speaker also a trustee shared working and vision and mission of Urja trust. The platform was opened for views on the session for the audience.