Guest Lecture – Introduction to Nutrition
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30 August 2019 - 12:35, by , in IHM, Comments off
At ITM – IHM ,on 16th August 2019 Friday we conducted a guest lecture on Introduction to nutrition the students got to learn various aspects of nutrition and a very productive information about balance diet .
The most important points covered are:

Definitions Food balanced diet nutrition
over nutrition under nutrition malnutrition health
Balanced diet Food pyramid

Meal planning steps

Classification  composition
Functions  requirements sources
Excess Deficiency
Uses in food preparation
Classification  Composition
Functions  requirements Sources
Excess  Deficiency
Uses in food preparation
Effect of heat Denaturation Coagulation

Classification  Composition
Functions  requirements Sources
Excess  Deficiency
Types Sources Uses
There was also a small activity conduced by Doctor Jaskaran Singh where he calculated the calorie requirement of different students and guided them how they can loose & gain weight.
The response of students was very positive as they got a lot of new things to learn.