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Guest lecture write up

Date 31stjuly


Topic-consumer guidance society of india

Any complaint with product/service organized

1966 body and the main line is the customer is born inside a human when the infant is in the mother’s womb.

Summary of presentation:

This video was regarding the consumers and the customer who tend to buy the products in their day to day life. it portrayed “CUSTOMER IS THE KING” nothing is complete without the customer in the market. CGSI has produced a documentary film GRAHAKPAL on consumer rights by roping a few celebrities to spread message of consumer right awareness.1800222262 (Maharashtra rajya upbhogta helpline).this is the customer helpline number.

Insurance was the another sector which he focused on. what are the prose and cons of investing and insurance .investigation about the insurance company should be made and accordingly the things should be planned.

CUSTOMER IS THE KING and every retailer has to serve the customer. but the condition is the customer has to behave accordingly.

Customers are governed by the advertisement in day to day life and the concept which was cleared in the minds of the customer is products are DEFECTIVE and services are DEFICIENT.

The key points or the learnings the students retained is we should start putting the records and putting the complaints regarding the products and regarding the issues the customer is facing.


How to be a smart investor?

Rajan Varma-startup, convener, financial education, CGSI, author, lights camera action steps on money management ,founder director, SERVETM TECNOLOGIES.

How can money work for us? How can we use the money which we have and in what ways we can use it.

PAY YOURSELF FIRST it is the concept which everybody should apply in their life. 2000rs should be saved in every month it is the major key point. Success is something you take care of more people more and more helping towards the people in the society.

Activity session was conducted .chess board activity

The major headings to keep in mind were, you have to be humble if you are an investor. start investing in the areas you feel it is fruit full.

This company is the startup so they are coming up with a term like customer investing champions.

Shared a personal experience about a village and the investing money instructions he gave to the villagers for the RD.