Growth of Indian Economy & Enhancement of Job Prospects
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Mr. Rakesh Kar – Assistant Manager at Edelweiss Limited
Mr. Avik Chakravorty – Risk Analyst at Credit Suisse Business Analytics
Mr. Varun Seksaria – Associate Regional Manager with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Dr. Joytirmoy Das Gupta – Professor, ITM IFM

Prof. Sanjay Sinha, HoD, Department of Finance Ms. Ritika Kothari, Student, PGDM – Finance Ms. Sakshi Danayak, Student, PGDM – Finance

A panel discussion and a technological advancement introduction was held at ITM Business School. It focused on enhancing the knowledge of the students of Finance and IFM batch, 2018-20. The plenary, Mr. Sanjay Sinha, Finance head at ITM, gave a detailed speech on the importance of technological application in the corporate world. Banking companies has opted for advanced technological methods for its operations while discarding the old traditional methods. Due to the advancement of technological methods and operations, the companies are looking for prospects

who can contribute the field. Thus, Mr. Sanjay Sinha explained the importance of attaining the advanced knowledge in technology and applying it for the functioning of a sector, company or a domain.


The SAP Team of Technoriya Technology introduced the students about the technicality of a corporate firm, growing digitalization in the economy, IOT analytics and SAP ERP. With SAP,accepted by the government of India, it is being used by the BRC army, L&T collaboration, all the sectors like automobile, hospitality, hospitals, corporates, etc. Every process of a business is handled through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Different technologies are used in in different domain, said the CEO of Technoriya, Mr. Neeraj Kumar. ERP helps in taking an informed decision through the database that are collected during the process. Career growth by learning ERP skills as Functional consultant and Technological consultant can be attained.

The topic of discussion was “Growth of Indian Economy and Enhancement of Job Prospects”. It was led by Dr. Jyotirmoy Dasgupta, professor at ITM; Mr. Rakesh Kar, Assistant Manager at Edelweiss Limited; Mr. Avik Chakravorty, Risk Analyst at Credit Suisse Business Analytics; Mr. Varun Seksaria, Associate Regional Manager with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd & looks after Sales Strategy, Long Range Planning, Group Business, Business Analysis for Financial Inclusion & Mass Market segment. The focus was the increase in job prospects in one of the largest economies of the world. According to Mr. Varun – “With the economy growing, individual opportunity is also growing. Many new programmes are introduced by the government of the country like Skill Development Programs, Startup India, etc. Economy may not be giving jobs, but it is helping the youth to grow so that it can earn for itself.” According to Mr. Avik- “An individual should be focused on what to do, not leaping into every job prospect coming on his way. One should learn something extra, choose a specialization one’s interested in and hone skill towards it.” While Mr. Rakesh said,” experience of a person counts. While the government is trying to work, there are a lot of opportunities emerging in the market.”

It was concluded from the discussion that one should mainly focus on

  • Clearing concepts
  • Building skill sets
  • Acquiring additional qualifications

As the alumni of ITM, Mr. Manas Sinha discussed about the Finance Forum. A student should focus more on increasing his/her network through professional social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. A student should focus on both career oriented and overall development. A sketched planning is necessary to achieve a goal, apart from which one should also learn basics, read books, newspapers, magazines, etc. Knowing the field of finance in depth would help in understanding the subject and the market better.

The introduction to Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) was led by Ms. Viyanza Babu. CISI is an UK certifying body that works in the financial and investment industry. It provides specialization in investment and security program with networks across 80 countries and over 40000 centres across the globe. It has Global regulatory connection with supporters like Infosys, Morgan Stanley, Aviva, Syntel, HSBC, etc.

In the IMOS (Investment Management Operation Summit), it was found that about 80% of the MBA graduates are unemployable as they don’t have market knowledge. Thus CISI, with more than 80 certifications, abide by three major principles:

  • Knowledge
  • Skill
  • Integrity

Vote of Thanks
Prof. Krupesh Thakker delivered the vote of thanks to the respected guests and the audience for making the event a grand success.

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