Getting admission at Executive MBA colleges in Delhi
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There are so many colleges in India that it becomes difficult to decide which one to opt for. The top Executive MBA colleges in Delhi have different types of eligibility criteria as oppose to a regular MBA process where the entrance exam is of primary importance, the admission process usually focuses on work experience as the main criteria. However the primary B-schools do consider the competitive exam score for admission and as such requires a percentile which qualifies them to be eligible for the program.

Executive MBA colleges in Delhi mostly consider GMAT, GRE, CAT or XAT score. Some colleges may conduct their own personal entrance tests which you may have to qualify however much of the emphasis is laid on the kind of experience you bring to the classroom. If you excel at your field you may be considered for the enriching program.

Factors for enrolling at Executive MBA colleges in Delhi

Other than work experience for a number of years and competitive scores, there are other factors which are considered for enrolling at Executive MBA colleges in Delhi. These are:

The quality of work experience: The selection committee of top Executive MBA colleges in Delhi assesses your work profile not only in terms of number of years that you have worked for but also the quality of your work. The field you have gained experience in and the kind of expertise you have can contribute immensely towards the learning process therefore they consider it to be of eminent importance.

Your purpose and goal: The statement of purpose or commonly referred as SOP is one of the main criteria that is considered by Executive MBA colleges in Delhi. During the application procedure you need to state your purpose and objective of opting for the specialization chosen by you and why it is important for you to pursue this course.

Recommendation letters and references: Letters of recommendation from your seniors or present employers makes for a good influence on the committee selecting candidates for Executive MBA colleges in Delhi. It gives them an impression about your contribution at the work place and how you have lead the company to achieve their goals through your skills. There have to be two references that have to be submitted to the college for final selection procedure.

Personal interview and GD round: The most important round of all is your personal interview with the committee responsible for selecting candidates for their program and appearing confident and poised during your interview. The group discussion round is prior to the personal interview and may affect your performance rating for the selection if you are not aware about the kind of questions that are asked or trending topics then you must research thoroughly about current affairs and news related topics before going for the interview.

All of these are important factors to assess the personality of a candidate and how he will be able to bring a holistic learning to the classroom with his or her experience. Thus be prepared about all of this before you seek admission in Executive MBA program.