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When we apply for a course it is essential to check which kind of degree would be awarded at its completion. Would enrolling in digital marketing certification courses help us in any way? Would they enable us to seek job at eminent firms? Would the degree awarded by them be useful for our career?


If the above questions plague you then you have come to the right post for absolving your problems. Digital marketing certification courses help you in understanding the vast spectrum of internet marketing. They help you get knowledge about different channels for analyzing your website performance and keeping you updated about changing trends in digital marketing.


What type of digital marketing certification courses would be best?


There are different types of digital marketing certification courses taught as a specialized program. These are:


  1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization: According to a recent survey 94% of clicks on search engine results page is through organic listing of website and not through PPC. Digital marketing certification course helps us learn the tricks of optimizing SERPs through organic channels. Content marketing plays a large part in successful implementation of SEO and some businesses need this more than the others specially organization that have an online presence only.
  2. PPC or Pay Per Click advertising: The sponsored ad links you see in SERPs is known as Pay Per Click advertising. This digital marketing certification courses are marketing channels that only work till a company bids for the position and pays for it.
  3. Social Media Marketing: This channel of communication covered under digital marketing certification courses are related to everything you do to promote your business on social media channels. If you are a B2C company you will benefit a lot from this type of digital marketing certification course.
  4. Content Marketing: The attractive content which compels users to read and engage which thereby leads to sales. This kind of marketing is for everyone and the more unique and attractive it is (infographics, videos, gifs and pictures) the more likely it is that the traffic would increase for your site.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: Recruiting affiliates or sales person who works on commission basis for sales made or operations conducted is known as affiliate marketing. This is usually a method used for B2C businesses for propagating their business on different channels.
  6. Viral Marketing: Turn your business around with viral marketing. Create content that is trending, humorous or weird to attract lots of clicks. This can increase the traffic for your website and you can become a known entity overnight.