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The speaker gave a good introduction about the following

  • Martin cooper (Moto) – Guru of mobile phones

New technologies which are been used or invented in this 2018 era

  • Secret band project a mobile screen
  • Advanced techno
  • Machine and human become singularity
  • India is 2nd largest internet user (450-500 million using internet)
  • Yes bank is going to start new app which allows social apps to direct accept the payment
  • Axis bank is going to launch fitness band with power of debit and credit cards
  • Band with heart beat authentication
  • Tag tone is aap which emit sound for payment without internet
  • Nuup aap (*99#) for payment (It can run without internet)
  • mPos aap
  • OEM mobile payment
    • Apple Pay
    • Samsung Pay
    • Google Pay

Case studies and advertisement

  • Snap cash
  • Kan Khajura Tesan (Case study)
  • Axis bank (Case study) is there customer is happy or unhappy.
  • Johnsons & Johnsons campaign (Case study)
  • Franklin advertisement for customer with lady expert
  • Tata motor expo Bangalore – Tata come with a headset which reads a concentration and open the tipper of the truck. (By this way they increase the number of exhibitor in there stall)

Use of Bluetooth for advertisement and promoting the product so that buyer or consumer attract – Innovation using Bluetooth-

  • Nivea- Launching of band
  • McDonalds- Tin of coco cola use for entertainment by scanning coca cola print
  • Snicker chocolate
  • Pizza hut

Few newly invented technologies

  • AMPs
  • PWAs

The internet of things –

  • Sensors
  • Wearables

Reality based technology

  • Kit Mail Hologram
  • Augmented reality – Coke add
  • Virtual reality- Game
  • Mixed reality
  • Mobile in retails – Example
    • Order store concept in China
    • Shazam
    • NFC marketing – Nike connect
  • Beacons” technology
    • Audi TT techno Add
    • Apple Siri (4 years back)
    • Burger king with Google chrome Highjack
  • Freaky Reality
  • Li-fi-
    • Philips advertisement
  • Mesh Networking –
    • Fire chat adds
    • Speak without speaking
  • Computer brain interface
  • Transhumanism
  • Outdoor adds-
    • Eco fuel compony of London
  • Motion energy

Learning –

  • How many technologies are there which runs through mobile.
  • How many ways are there for advertisement in this advance era.
  • What are needs of future to develop communication with audience of customer.

End the first day session with a case study which is been given to students.
Important points

  • Enhance Consumer Experience
  • Number of team – 10
  • Time to present for each team – 15 min
  • Q&A per team – 10 team

Ended the sessions with by telling the few ways through which the come to solution of this problem’s
Learning – The students were able to understand the following very precisely at the end of the two-day workshop on Mobile marketing

  • How to perform in mass audience.
  • How to make presentations.
  • How to answer the cross question which are coming from the audience.
  • How to connect with the audience.
  • It was a very rewarding experience for every student to be a part of this meaningful even