Gain industry exposure with a 5-month paid internship!
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Gain industry exposure with a 5-month paid internship!

For students, gaining professional exposure after graduation is as important as graduating itself. Work experience counts a lot in a competitive environment where jobs are limited and aspiring candidates are many. Companies want to pick the most competent and experienced individuals, so the professional experience holds tremendous value.

Usually, students start looking for jobs and internships after they graduate, so most of them start the race on the same line. But, ITM Business School gives you an incredible edge over other aspirants by providing a compulsory 5-month paid Internship, right in the middle of the course!

What does that mean?
You get 5 months of real-time work exposure at the most reputed companies in India. In other words, you get 5 months of working experience even before you graduate! This gives you a great advantage over other aspirants as you get preferred for having rich exposure in the corporate world.

The paid internship also helps you in choosing your future role. Many times, students get into a stream and continue with it even if they want to try something new. But, since you’ve done an internship and know the offerings of the position, you get a chance to reconsider your future role. It is an ideal platform you explore your career, and also to develop and refine your skills.

ITM Business School offers a paid internship, so you actually earn while getting valuable industry exposure. This helps you get a greater return on investment (ROI) on PGDM. You can use this money to reduce the overall cost of doing an MBA, or you can invest this money in future endeavors, the benefit is all yours!

Are you willing to start the job race and stay ahead by a country mile?

Apply for ITM Business School today!