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Financial planning -learn financial planning

Resource Person:
Ms. Niyati Patel, Faculty Guide in The Learning Curve Academy

A workshop on an introduction of financial literacy was held at ITM Business School. This session basically focused on awareness of investment among students. The workshop “Finance GYM i.e., Grow Your Money” was conducted by Learning Curve Academy, associated with Kotak Asset Management. This session was held by Mrs. Niyati Patel, the Faculty Guide from Learning Curve Academy. Mrs. Niyati Patel is an ex-banker at Bank of America, HDFC Bank with more than 8 years’ experience and an MBA Graduate from NMIMS. The investment mantra given by Mrs. Niyati Patel was “The earlier you start investing, the more you’ll get in return “. She explained the power of compounding and how this compounding rate of interest helps to grow money. By the example of two young investors as well as world’s wealthiest investor Warren Buffet, Mrs. Niyati made us understand the value of investment.

FINANCE GYM – an initiative by The Learning Curve Academy

The Finance GYM session was very productive, we learnt in detail about investment and returns. Recognizing our risk profile was also a learning point of us. Understanding the risk associated with the return, lead to understand the importance of diversification of portfolio. There is another term discussed, Portfolio Allocation, that always comes along the strategy concept of diversification. Different schemes like savings account, fixed deposits that are offered by banks, NBFCs and different investment instruments like bonds, debentures, mutual funds, equity shares was discussed with conclusion to how investment is more relevant than only savings. We learnt about three parameters Time, Age and Risk Tolerance that drive the asset allocation. The basic rule of investing short term money is to put into debt and long-term money is to put into equity. It was interesting to know the ways of investing in equity and how equity gives less volatile return over the period.


In layman’s term “Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk”. But this is one of the smartest way of investing in equity or debt. Mrs. Niyati explained how convenient it is to invest through Mutual Funds. Fund managers are the biggest asset we can rely on, while putting our money in market. She also explained the theory of Time & Inclination through which it has been understood if there is a good time to buy then there must be a better time to sell. Apart from expert fund managers there is other conveniences such that liquidity, diversification, compounding. The most important fact is how to invest in Mutual Fund! It was the main learning part, that would be beneficial for all the investors or to-be-investors. One can invest one’s money in Mutual Fund in lumpsum or through Systematic Investment Plan. Advantage of SIP is that, it decreases the average buying cost of the shares and helps to maintain investment discipline.
The concept of different types of Mutual Funds like debt, hybrid, equity were thoroughly given by Ms. Niyati, that helped in understanding the risk & return proportion in various funds in a better way. She explained the ideal fund options synchronized with time-period. But there is no compulsion of following the ideal proportion.

Being an investor, one should know how to read Fact sheet. The investment should match one’s objective, and fund fact sheet provides the holistic view of the fund, consistency in return, comparative analysis – how other funds are performing and market risks and returns involved, is an online portal we can rely on for the Mutual Fund Fact sheets.


Learning was fun through activities such as solving crossword, matching the column and many more. A virtual game was played that helped to understand how to optimize the return by managing risk and diversifying the asset allocation in a portfolio. Overall, the session was interesting.


Finance forum 2018-20 would like to acknowledge the resource person Ms. Niyati Patel from The Learning Curve Academy for the interesting workshop on financial planning and a thankful gratitude is extended to Prof. Sanjay Sinha, HoD of Department of Finance, Prof. Krupesh Thakkar, Prof. Dhaval Bhatt and Prof. Geetanjali Pinto for conducting such a knowledge absorbing session. Also, thanks to the class coordinators of Nitin Nohria (Finance Batch 18-20), Mr. Gaurav Pathak and Ms. Oritri Dey; and the photography and content writing respective Mr. Abinash Patro and Ms. Ayndrila Das.