Industry Expert talks Mumbai(Mumbai India) Meetup.
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Building a brand……

The session started with the basics of knowing digital marketing. Decoding the digital market platforms is very important in promoting a brand among the targeted segments. The speaker, Ms.Surabhi, senior brand services of PointNine Lintas elucidated the four primary objectives of the same, Brand Awareness, Sales Conversion, Website Traffic and Lead Generation. She also explained that outlining branding objectives objectives is the most important part following which insights can be identified. Ideas come to the table once the insights are taken into consideration.

The speaker generously gave examples and case studies for the students to understand how ideas and insights are two phases of the same objective. The examples included Bournvita’s ‘taiyari ki jeet’ campaign, Amazon’s focused commercial at the variety-seeking behavior of Indians and many more.

Ms.Surabhi cited the example of how Lintas created a buzz around ‘Himalaya Men’ during the IPL where over 70 brands were visible on the apparels of the players of both the teams. The objective of the campaign was to create visibility for the brand. By mentioning ‘pimple’ on the players’ caps, the brand caught the attention of the viewers. Later after gathering sufficient attention, the third day the brand revealed itself as something which could protect the one against pimples and this initiate generated a lot of buzz. Mailchimp was the other interesting case study which was demistyfied by the speaker throw light on how digital strategies and innovative branding strategies could go hand in hand to create brand visibility which is an integral part of brand success in today’s cluttered market space

Ms Sharma finally summed up the entire brand building process through 8 simple-sounding but still complex; GROW UP – (learn things), SHOW UP – (Be punctual), OWN UP – (your mistakes), FU*K UP – (not afraid to make mistakes), SHUT UP – (know when to start listening), SPEAK UP – (give ideas when needed to), OPEN UP – (network a lot), GIVE UP – (speak up if you feel things are going south)

Overall, it was a very interactive and informative session as it actively involved students to catch the insights and ideas behind one of the biggest campaigns in the ad industry.


Industry Expert : Ms.Surabhi Sharma
Organization : PointNine Lintas, Mumbai
Designation : Senior Brand Services Manager