Expert Talk Series #3
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22 August 2018 - 16:46, by , in blog, ITM Institute, PGDM, Comments off

Industry Expert : Mr.Tariq Ahmad
Organization : IBM, Mumbai
Designation : Country Manager

The third session of the ‘Expert Talk’ series organized by the department of Marketing, ITM, Kharghar was very successful. Mr.Tariq Ahmad, the country manager, IBM with his vibrant personality kept the audeince engaged throughout the session. He interacted with the students and explained various marketing and sales concepts in simpler terms. He stressed on B2B and B2C approaches. He differentiated both the theories with various real-life examples like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s , Apple and IBM. He elucidated that B2B and B2C had the same principles with different applications. He added humorous elements in his speech which made it easier to relate with the concepts. Mr.Tariq Ahmad emphasized that it was imperative that sales and marketing were aligned with each other. Later he addressed the relevant doubts and queries of all students with regards to the significance of B2B sales and marketing vis-à-vis B2C. Mr.Tariq summed up the session very admirably. The students observed his delivery with rapt attention and clarified themselves of relevant doubts. As the session drew to a close, Mr. Tariq recapitulated all the required inputs to succeed in the B2B and B2C futuristically. The students found his session immensely helpful as they could understand the core concept of marketing, sales, B2B, B2C with various live examples.