The ‘Expert Talk’ Series #2
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7 August 2018 - 10:41, by , in blog, ITM Institute, PGDM, Comments off

The second session of the ‘Expert Talk’ series organized by the department of Marketing, ITM, Kharghar was very successful from an important perspective; its connectivity to the real-time media industry. Ms.Neha, the executive Director, Brand Whiz mesmerized the crowd by taking up 8 different case studies of her clients which included IPL, Godrej, Vero Moda and many such brand makers for whom Brand Whiz had created effective social media advertisements and campaigns, In the process of explaining the cases, Ms. Neha brought to the light the real nuances of the media industry and the components which a creative agency should possess to comprehend the actual demands and requirements of the clients. She stressed on the growing importance to the terminology FOMO (Fear Of Missing Opportunities) in the current state of the industry where a slight failure to attract the target consumers on the social channels leads to a colossal loss. The brilliant queries raised by a few students were very prudently handled by Ms.Neha who not just gave conceptual clarity but also added sufficient flavour by factual data. Through her vibrant elucidation, she explained why digital media can work out miracles in a cost-effective fashion compared to the traditional advertising media. The students observed her delivery with rapt attention and clarified themselves of relevant doubts and reservation pertaining to the critical success factors to overcome the digital media advertising challenges. As the session drew to the conclusion, Ms.Neha summed up with all the required inputs to succeed in the media industry futuristically. The students found her session immensely helpful as they could understand the intricacies of advertising on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the other platforms to make nascent brands succeed and the major brands survive competition