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Importance of context in communication in a connected world
The session began with welcome address by Sanjana Nair. Mr. Anu Nair, the Group Head – Creative gave a vivid introduction to what Communication was and how important it is going to be soon in the field of Marketing. Mr. Anu Nair, Copywriter with 10 years of Industrial experience in leading organizations, shed light on the benefits and drawbacks of using ThankYou, usage of stories in the online marketing and Advertisements and how effectively the concept is being used in the industry by Social Media like YouTube, Facebook, and many advertising firms and companies. He explained as to how communication and content are an integral part of stories and content on digital platform and how creativity is a very integral part for a story to leave a mark on the minds of the audience. Mr. Nair linked all of these with advertisements and digital platforms. After this he spoke about the six appeals of advertisements which make the advertisement a hit with the audience. Without context in the digital world, he emphasized that one is out fishing without a fishing rod. It made a lot of impact on the students. Mr. Anu Nair concluded the session by showing a few examples of digital advertisements in line with the context of the session. The session ended with Sanket expressing his gratitude to Mr.Anu Nair for taking the time out to educate the students on ads formatting. He thanked the Management for providing the platform to organize guest lectures on innovative technologies.