Executive Post Graduate Program (ExPGP) in Cyber Security

Executive Post Graduate Program (ExPGP) in Cyber Security

Post-Graduation Diploma (PGD) program in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Cyber Security (CyS) is designed to enable students to be with familiar with concepts, processes and technology in diverse areas of CyS.
This curriculum is developed from a learning model based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Thinking. Hence the objectives of the program are anchored on what students should learn, understand, and be able to do and apply as an outcome of completing this program. The program objectives are:

  • Imparting the required knowledge that ensures understanding of fundamental concepts, design and controls strategy, technical architecture, tools and techniques to secure information
  • Emphasizing the importance of adherence to a high standard of ethical behavior
  • Equipping with the required technical skills that inspire students to consider a career in education, research and development.
  • Using both application-oriented and student-centric learning to help expand students’ body of knowledge in information protection
  • Provide a platform for students to not only familiarize themselves in CyS concepts and technologies but also an opportunity to learn some advances in this important area of study
  • Training the students on non-technical skills necessary to enable their successful transition into corporate roles
  • Creating a learning environment that stimulates interest in considering entrepreneurial avenues
Admission Process


Freshers and working professionals are eligible

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