Which of these Executive MBA Programs Should You Pursue?
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A good career is a dream for most. When we enter the competitive industry, we realise there is still lots to learn. We understand the need to further our career through executive MBA program. Yet, we do not have any idea what executive MBA program would suit our career path the best. Here is a list of executive MBA programs and what they offer you. It will help you understand and make better career choices:

Executive Masters in Business Administration

Understanding the need to specialise in business administration courses, reputed colleges like ITM have come up with business administration executive MBA courses. The candidates can apply for executive masters in human resource, marketing, finance and operations. These courses are 24-month long courses that include 12 subjects with special focus on the specialisation subject.

Executive Masters in Management

This is an excellent 12 months weekend program developed for executives with 5 years industry experience. The course aims to fine-tune your skills in business analysis, decision making, business strategy, professional development and
Executive Masters in Financial Markets

A unique course provided by the ITM Institute trains candidates for leading positions in banks, brokerage houses, financial institutions and regulatory bodies & intermediaries in global financial markets. The program covers accounting, finance and operations studies so that an individual is ready to face any challenging situation in his field.

Executive Masters in Health Care Management

Among the list of executive mba programs at ITM, this one is unique because it is aimed at meeting the needs of the quickly growing healthcare industry. The curriculum for this stream focuses on general management. The course aims to train candidates so that they are able to work efficiently in the entrepreneurial or corporate hospitals. The candidates trained here are able to work with strong interdisciplinary and practical focus.

Why Pursue an Executive MBA?

A strong career path is a dream most people pursue. The job world is highly competitive and everyday new candidates are joining the competition. You need to possess better skills and a stronger resume to be in a position to beat the rest and get that most coveted position. An Executive MBA helps you realise this dream. If you pursue this course, it will give you an edge over the rest and help you achieve all your career dreams. Executive MBAs are provided to working professionals with atleast 5 years industry experience.