What Does Executive MBA in Marketing Management Include?
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Many people today are opting for executive MBA courses to further their chances in a career. There are many colleges offering executive mba programs in india. There are many streams you can choose from. One of the popular choices among career-oriented people is the marketing management stream. Here we wish to describe in brief what this stream actually encompasses:

Product and Brand Management

Product Management basically involves planning the products that can be marketed and analysing the scope of the product in the market. Product management also involves identifying the right possibilities to market the product.
Brand management involves marketing a brand name for the company to market a vast range of products under one umbrella. The difference between a product and a brand can be explained this way. Noodles is a product while Maggi is a brand. This subject helps the marketing person develop a brand and launch it in a market in a fashion that most people can identify with.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Anyone in the marketing field should be first to understand the significance of relationship with customers. If the customer is not pleased, he is sure to find better options. Managing a good customer relationship is thus a priority in any well-run business. Most executive mba programs in India have this as a significant part of their curriculum.

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour needs to be studied to understand the consumer needs or consumer choices. That plays a key role in deciding the right strategies to market a certain product. That is the reason why this is a subject in the executive MBA programs for marketing.

Service Marketing

Services marketing, as the term rightly suggests, markets services and not products. The best example for this is the tourism industry. They market the tour experiences such as transport and they do not actually sell any product. The young marketing students need to understand this aspect of marketing very well because it forms a major percentage.
Apart from these prominent aspects, the syllabus for some of the known colleges also include e-commerce, international and retail marketing. The well-designed syllabus and curriculum help candidates be up-to-date with the latest trends in the market and thus cope to the present demands.

If you pursue executive MBA courses from renowned colleges like the ITM Educational Institute, you can be assured of increased knowledge in the field and thus better career prospects.