Executive MBA helps you earn a better salary!
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Executive MBA is turning out to be quite a success mantra for professionals who are seeking a career advancement. Owing to the range of practical skills imparted in an EMBA Program, recruiters are compelled to scout for individuals who have absorbed these skills.

The ‘sought-after’ skills include, multi tasking, man management, work management, time management, task management, handling tight deadlines, working under pressure, guiding subordinates and setting and accomplishing objectives.

These skills are highly valued in a corporate setup because it escalates a person’s caliber to mid-management to upper-management levels. For a company, there’s nothing more precious than having individuals who have a fair share of work experience along with the practical know-how of the industry.

Thus, top companies are in search of individuals with an Executive MBA as a qualification. And they are apparently willing to pay well to candidates who possess the requisite skill set!

According to the latest recruitment trends observed by educational institutes in India, the value of Executive MBA is soaring higher than ever before. It’s not just the positional jump that the degree facilitates, but now it is also the salary that is enhanced after completing Executive MBA.

From a business perspective, paying more for a skilled candidate works better as compared to hiring a lesser skilled individual on a lower salary. A professional refined and empowered by Executive MBA undeniably produces a better quality of work, which counts a lot in the corporate sphere.

And, for a candidate aspiring to do EMBA, it is a great return on investment. With the present scenario in India, working professionals doing Executive MBA hold higher chances of earning a better salary.

ITM Executive Education Center ensures that more and more working professionals get a chance to earn a higher salary by providing a Weekend Executive MBA Program that focuses on skills and competence.

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